3D Virtual Breast Augmentation

Taking the time before surgery to choose the right implant size for you goes beyond looking at pre- and post-op pictures. The latest technology helping women choose the right implants is the Vectra. This machine has several cameras that photograph from different angles to generate a 3D image of your body. You can see the 3D image on a computer screen, and our staff can show you what you will look like with different sizes and styles of implants. The images can be rotated to see how you will look from the front, side, above and below.


Being able to know in advance what you will look like after surgery means you choose the look you like the best! The Vectra is especially helpful if you are deciding between two different implant sizes because you can actually see what your new breasts will look like without clothes. On many occasions, a patient will have a good idea about the general size of implant she wants, but after using the Vectra, the choice is made clear.

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