A Man’s Guide to Cosmetic Procedures- Part 2 of 3

If you’re a man seeking a cosmetic enhancement, we’ve got options for you. While there are many procedures specifically designed for women (think breast augmentation), there are just as many with more of a male focus. Do you want to learn more about these popular male cosmetic procedures? Let’s take a look at a few top choices. Don’t forget to give us a call and schedule your appointment when you’re ready for more personalized information.

Man Boobs No More- Gynecomastia Treatment

Are you embarrassed by your chest? Enlarged breasts in male patients is a condition known as gynecomastia. Although completely harmless physically, this condition can cause a great deal of embarrassment and discomfort. Luckily, gynecomastia is highly treatable. Here at Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Plastic Surgery + MedSpa we will explore the underlying cause of your excess breast tissue and remedy the problem.

For patients with excess glandular tissue an inconspicuous incision is made through which the tissue is surgically removed. Liposuction may also be used to remove any fat in the area. In cases where the excess tissue is primarily fatty tissue, liposuction can often remove any excess fat with impressive results.

If you struggle with gynecomastia, give us a call and love your body again.

Natural Hair that Actually Grows- NeoGraft Hair Transplantation

More than 40 million men suffer from male pattern baldness or thinning hair. Many want a solution that can bring back their natural hair without the long recovery period or potential complications from “strip method” hair replacement. At Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Plastic Surgery + MedSpa we are pleased to offer Follicular Unit Extraction using the NeoGraft harvesting system. This method for transplantation requires no stitches or staples, more natural looking results, a shorter recovery time, and flexibility in hair styling and length.

If you’ve already received “strip” hair replacement, NeoGraft can be used to fix any visible scars from the procedure by implanting new follicles into the area to camouflage scar lines in the area. Don’t let baldness be in control; contact us to learn more about NeoGraft hair transplantation and get your own natural hair back.

Washboard Abs with Liposuction and Abdominal Etching

After spending hours in the gym it can be rather discouraging to look in the mirror and not see those washboard abs you’ve been wanting. Plain and simple, washboard abs aren’t something everyone can achieve on their own, but with a little help they are possible. Liposuction paired with abdominal etching can give you the results you deserve from your hard work at the gym. Start to finish liposuction with abdominal etching takes about 2 hours.

Plastic surgery isn’t just for the ladies. With these procedures tailored for our male patients you too can achieve the bold new look you’ve always wanted. Call us today at (704) 659-9000!