Plastic Surgery Reviews

We take pride in the first class service we provide at Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery and appreciate feedback from our patients. Nothing is more rewarding than a compliment or a simple “thank you.” Below are some plastic surgery reviews from real patients.

Transformation Journeys

How do you know when you’ve found the right plastic surgeon?  When you can’t imagine taking the journey with anyone else and more importantly, you wouldn’t want too.  For me, that surgeon is Dr. Kortesis…

I walked into to Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery on August 13, 2013 not sure what to expect. A long undiagnosed medical condition had left me severely overweight for far too long. Through bariatric surgery and a tremendous amount of hard work, I had lost 240 pounds. While this was tremendous for my health, it did little for my self-esteem. I had so much excess skin and tissue that I still had to tuck things into clothes, wouldn’t wear anything that showed my arms, and generally, was still unhappy with my appearance. That all began to change the day I was introduced to Dr. Kortesis.

During my initial consultation with Dr. Kortesis I was unsure of what could be done. I knew that I wasn’t a Barbie doll and had no desire to be one. As I sat in the consult room naked, completely exposed with all of my flaws open for everyone to see, I felt vulnerable and more than a little apprehensive. Unbelievably, Dr. Kortesis was able to look at me, see through everything that I had come to despise, and promise he could help me. He said he could see what I could not. More importantly, not only did he say he could help; he said he wanted to help me and he said it in a way that conveyed he truly meant it. His genuine desire to help me have my physical appearance reflect not only what I accomplished with the weight loss, but who I am, gave me the confidence to begin the journey.

We worked on a plan that would take me from where I was to where I want to be. We knew that it would not be quick and that it would require a number of procedures, none of which were going to be your average, garden-variety, surgery. Dr. Kortesis even assured me that at some point along my journey I would question why I did this and that I would hate him.

My journey with H/K/B has not been with just Dr. Kortesis. Over these 14 months, I have spent an incredible amount of time at H/K/B and have come to view the staff as family. Whether it’s the patient care coordinators (Erica, Victoria, Autumn, and Jackie), surgery schedulers (Alexis and both Erica’s), the spa staff, or the office management crew, everyone at Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Cosmetic Surgery makes me special and more than just a client.

I have seen every doctor on staff, including fellows and the lone PA, in my over 100 visits and they are all world class. Drs. Kortesis and Hunstad treat patients as they would expect their loved ones to be treated. This is a quality that is lost on far too many people today and one of the aspects that sets the H/K/B apart.

From a patient care perspective, the nursing staff at H/K/B is second-to-none. Kelly and Lauren Grace, who between them have prepped me for every procedure, and the rest of the surgical and recovery room nurses do a fantastic job of taking care of me during and after procedures.

Over the course of my journey so far, I have been fortunate enough to have been cared for by, in my opinion, what has to be the best clinical nursing staff in the business. Bernadette, Kelly, Jessica, Nicole, Meena, and Belinda, not only take care of me during my visits, but they make sure that I have everything I need and that I am comfortable while I am there. They also listen. Because some of my procedures have presented a few challenges with home aftercare, they listen to my husband and me to find out what works best for us. Aside from my family, they are also the biggest cheerleaders I have had on this journey and each of them has made me feel special and empowered.

In the fourteen months since my initial consult, Dr. Kortesis and I have been through a lot. While there were times that I became frustrated and questioned my sanity for undertaking this, I have yet to hate him. No matter how busy his day is, or whatever may have happened before he sees me, Dr. Kortesis always greets me with a smile and a hug. He makes me feel special and that I have a worth that too many doctors before him didn’t seem to believe I had. No matter how many times or ways that my husband and family told me that I was beautiful, I had a hard time seeing past the weight or the results of the weight loss. Dr. Kortesis. and the rest of the staff are taking the journey with me to find the person who was trapped behind the weight and weight loss. Beyond the physical, they are helping me find a self-esteem that had long been lost. I can’t imagine doing this without them. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to try.

For those asking how I did this, here is my story. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, it is heredity on both sides of my family but being over weight didn’t help me any…

I immediately lost about 25 lbs by following a diabetic diet and all was good. Exercise says the doctor, well any of you who are severely overweight know, exercising is difficult at best when you are heavy from your middle up. So in 2012, after fighting to get my weight down more, even doing Insanity 5 times a week all summer, I opted to talk to a doctor about a breast reduction and lift, as well as removing the “double apron” of skin and fat around my mid section. I went in and met Dr. Kortesis, an amazing plastic surgeon at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery.

He was absolutely wonderful and so compassionate. He was able to remove my “apron”, and tighten my stomach muscles with a “mommy makeover” as well as alleviate my back pain by reducing my breasts. After surgery, I lost another 25 lbs and with the help of my BFF Laurel and family, I was able to recover nicely. My sugars came down some, but my blood pressure was still high, as was the sleep apnea and cholesterol.

September of last year, my A1c went from a 6.4 (very controllable diabetes) to a 7.8 A1c and climbing. I was bound and determined to not go on insulin at the age of 51 and after watching my father-in-law suffer a miserable, slow death from the ravages of out of control diabetes, I was willing to do whatever it took to get my BMI in the healthy range,

I met with Dr. Heider, a leading weight loss doctor in North Carolina, and after our meeting and review of my health history, he determined I was a perfect candidate for the Bariatric Sleeve surgery. As Dr. Heider explained this particular surgery is a life line and a one time do over for those persons who are obese and have tried other methods of losing the weight with little to no success.

October 21, 2013, I had the Bariatric Sleeve surgery done and immediately I was able to discontinue my blood pressure medicine, no sleep apnea, and my A1c was a 6.1. Through hard work, exercise, and change in eating habits, I was able to lose the remainder of my weight, 60lbs to date. My goal was not to measure my success by the number on the scale or the size of my clothes, I only wanted to have a healthy BMI. After I lost my weight, I went back to Dr. Kortesis to have the loose skin removed from my stomach and back (I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes and not have loose skin bulges under my clothes.)

This journey has not been easy, but I am so happy that I have made it and now am a much healthier happier me. The Bariatric Sleeve is not a cure all and each person must adhere to a healthy diet to insure that the weight stays off. Hope this helps any and all who have struggled with their weight I owe a huge gratitude to Dr. Kortesis and all of the staff at the center, Dr. Heider and his staff, and my family and friends who have all supported me throughout my transformation these past two years.

Dr. Kortesis and Staff,

I will never be able to thank you enough for changing my life in a way I never could have imagined…

You can love yourself on the inside, but until you feel the same of the outside you can never fully love yourself. For the first time I feel more confident about myself. I will always be forever grateful for everything you have done for me. You are truly a brilliant, skillful, and talented surgeon. Thank you for making me feel like a new person. When you said you were a perfectionist, you were right. I feel as if my new look is so beautiful and natural. You took such good care of me and I felt so comfortable with you and your staff.

I started my weight loss journey in 2004 and struggled for years trying to lose weight. Finally, in 2012 I underwent a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy with Dr. Heider at the Center for Surgical Weight Loss and was able to accomplish losing the rest of my weight. It was definitely not the easy way out; you still have to work hard for every pound through diet and exercise. I feel like I have waited for so long to finally get to this stage in my weight loss journey. It is amazing to not have to deal with the extra skin on my abdomen and back after having lost 185 lbs. and to finally have a normal chest again. I am just glad that this journey has ended with finding you all.

As for the staff, within the first few minutes of meeting each of the staff members that I have met you can tell the passion they have for their jobs. It has been so uplifting to be around each and every one of you. Everyone that I have interacted with have been the most professional, smart, and genuine people, so my hats off to each of you for doing what I believe no one else has done before, and that is providing such a perfect experience! I will definitely be recommending you all to everyone I know.

*testimonials are actual patients, individual results may vary.