An Interview With Dr. Bill Kortesis, MD, FACS : Face Lift

1. What is the average cost of face lift surgery?

Cost varies per patient and per region of the country. Typical face lift prices range from $ 7,000 to 25,000.

2. Do you tighten the drooping muscles?

Depending on the type of face lift performed, the muscles are most often tightened. This tightening is the framework that enhances the youthful appearance of the face. The skin is subsequently re-draped over the tightened muscle.

3. Will a facelift help the dark circles and bags under my eyes?

A typical face lift alone does not help the dark circles and bags under your eyes. A bletharoplasty (eyelid lift) helps to rejuvenate the eyes and help with the bags formed under each patient’ s eyes. This operation is often done in conjunction with a face lift to complete the facial rejuvenation.

4. Why is a revision face lift more difficult than a first-time facelift?

In experienced hands secondary face lifts should have the same risks that a primary face lift does. Secondary facelifts can be harder if there are abnormal scarring from the first operation, if there are abnormalities with the hairline and beardline.

5. Do I go home after plastic surgery?

Face lift patients can be kept overnight or discharged that day depending on surgeon preference.

6. When can I ” work out”?

Recovery is typically 1-2 weeks and light workouts can begin at that time.

7. How long will bruising and swelling last?

Typically bruising and swelling last for 1-2 weeks.