An Interview With Dr. Bill Kortesis, MD, FACS : Rhinoplasty

  • How many follow-up visits are needed after rhinoplasty surgery?
    Follow-up visits vary per surgeon, but typically range from 2- 8 visits.
  • When are the splints removed after rhinoplasty surgery?
    Splints are removed between 5-7 days.
  • When are the stitches removed after rhinoplasty surgery?
    External sutures are removed at 5 days.
  • When is it okay after rhinoplasty surgery to run or lift weights?
    Recovery takes about 1-2 weeks and exercise can begin shortly after.
  • Is it possible for the nose to grow after rhinoplasty surgery?
    Rhinoplasty surgery is usually performed on adult sized noses. Accordingly, the nasal structures have already reached their adult size. If performed during adolescence, the nose should grow to its adult size.
  • What kind of material is used when grafts are needed to rebuild the nose?
    Either cartilage or bone is used to help rebuild the nose. These grafts can be taken from the nose itself, the patient ‘s own rib or ear, or through cadaver cartilage.
  • What sort of surgeon is preferable?
    A surgeon that is a member of the ASPS and has performed a larger quantity of rhinoplasty surgery is preferable.