Will Renuvion or J Plasma Replace the Surgical Facelift, Laser Treatments, or the Chemical Peel?

Aging is not kind to our faces, and innovations in plastic surgery and noninvasive treatments continue to find new ways to fight back. One of the latest is the Renuvion powered by J Plasma treatment. This remarkable technology can be applied both to tighten loose skin and remove surface imperfections such as wrinkles, discoloration, and… Read More »

After Tummy Tuck: The Exercises That Support Your Recovery

Congratulations! You’ve completed tummy tuck surgery, and you can’t wait to look and feel better than ever. And yes, with time and patience, you will get there. Just like before and during your surgery, your biggest ally afterward is your HKB doctor. No two patients respond to surgery in precisely the same way, and rushing… Read More »

3 Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Alternatives in Charlotte

Dreams do come true. If you’re dreaming of a flatter tummy, but don’t want to the hassle or commitment of surgery, come into H/K/B to learn more about our non-surgical tummy tuck alternatives. These treatments smooth, tighten, and tone the tummy, no surgery necessary. For a dramatic abdominal transformation, our tummy tuck reigns supreme, but… Read More »

Will Fat Transfer Compensate for Breast Implant Removal?

Life changes, and we change. Plain and simple, the body you want today may not be the same as the body you may want in five or 10 years. Perhaps you wanted breast implants in your 20s, but now that you’re older, you want to revert to your natural breast shape or size.  Removing breast… Read More »

HKB’s 2019 Beauty Bash Is a Stunning Success

Maybe it was the roasted mushroom tartlets or our Cellfina demonstrations or just the chance to talk to Dr. Hunstad, Dr. Kortesis or Dr. Bharti outside of the exam room, but our ninth annual soiree celebrating beauty and health drew our biggest crowd yet. Our patients and their friends and their friends amounted to nearly… Read More »

Eye Makeup Tips After Eyelid Surgery

The first time you wear eye makeup after eyelid surgery is exhilarating. For years, wrinkles and creases have made it difficult to apply eyeshadow and mascara. After eyelid surgery, you have a smoother, more youthful palette to work with. Applying eye makeup is easier than it was before surgery, and your makeup application looks better… Read More »

9 Things You Need at Home to Make Plastic Surgery Recovery More Comfortable

Imagine a wide-open week filled with rest and relaxation. Add in a few bandages and a post-operative visit or two, and you’re describing plastic surgery recovery. With a little preparation, recovery can be an enjoyable experience.  Get ready for your recovery by making sure you have these 9 essentials on hand and ready to use…. Read More »

Lopsided Breasts? How a Lift or Augmentation Balances Your Beauty

Everything is better when it’s in balance: a balanced diet, a balanced bank account, and of course, work-life balance. Let’s add one more to the list, balanced breasts. Lopsided breasts leave many women feeling embarrassed and unhappy with their appearance. Breast lift or breast augmentation surgery can create asymmetry and boost your body confidence. Come… Read More »