Back to School Treatments for A+ Skin

Summer can be fun, but if we’re honest, it can also be difficult, especially for our patients with children. When the kids are out of school, life is busy and chaotic. Maybe you let your skin care habits slide a bit. As the kids go back to school, let’s get your skin back on track. These skin care treatments will help you achieve A+ skin.


Have you ever spent an entire night cramming for a test the next morning? HydraFacial can essentially do the same for your skin, helping it to get ready for big events like family reunions, weddings, and even the first day of school. As an added benefit, this treatment is relaxing, perfect for frazzled parents that need a little “me time” after the summer break.

HydraFacial addresses common skin concerns including enlarged pores, brown spots, skin texture, skin tone, elasticity, firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, and aging. It uses four distinct phases (cleansing, peeling, extraction, and hydration) to target and resolve skin problems. It is customized to your skin’s specific needs, after a detailed skin analysis.

We love that this can be performed once as a get-ready-quick treatment before a big event or as an ongoing, regularly scheduled treatment to improve an enhance your skin all year round.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Just like a good teacher can unlock the learning potential of a student, PRP, or platelet-rich plasma can unlock your skin’s regenerative potential. It can help you look younger by tightening skin, improving skin tone, repairing damage, and increasing hydration.

PRP works by extracting a small amount of blood and isolating the platelets, proteins, and growth factors. This prepared blood product is then injected into the skin. After treatment, your skin takes over building collagen and treating damage.

Platelet-rich plasma treatments (PRP) are relatively new as a cosmetic treatment, but well established for safety and effectiveness in orthopedics and sports medicine. We are loving the results we’ve seen since we started offering this treatment to our patients in Huntersville and Charlotte, NC.


At school, you learn the basics,  and Botox is one of our skincare basics – a simple treatment we use every day and never want to be without. Botox is a non-surgical injectable treatment that can be used to treat lines and wrinkles around the eyes and on the brow. It has been used by millions of patients around the world and has an excellent safety record.

Botox is administered through a series of injections to help relax muscles that cause wrinkles. A few days after your treatment, you’ll start to see results. These results typically last for several months, depending on your body’s response to the injectable.

Botox only treats dynamic wrinkles, the type of wrinkle that is caused by muscle activity. On the face, it commonly treats crow’s feet, forehead creases, and lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). After an examination, we can tell you if Botox is a good fit and which wrinkles it can treat.

These three skin-enhancing treatments are perfect options for beautiful back to school skin. For more information, and to schedule your next appointment, contact the team at HKB today!