HKB Beauty Bash Recap

Our 8th annual Beauty Bash was a smashing success, one of our best yet. This two-day event was held on Friday and Saturday, October 19-20, 2018 at both of our beautiful locations: SouthPark and Huntersville. Let’s take a look back and share in some of the highlights of this year’s Beauty Bash. Did you join… Read More »

Breast Implant Settling: What to Expect and When

After breast augmentation, your breasts will evolve and change over the next several months. This is a process called implant settling. It happens to everyone and it does take time. Don’t be surprised if your newly implanted breasts aren’t exactly as you imagined they would be right when the bandages come off. Give those breast… Read More »

Why Choose SkinMedica?

Beautiful skin starts at home—with a skincare routine tailored to your skin. To get the right skincare routine, you’ll need to get the right skincare products. We recommend SkinMedica for smoother, younger looking skin. Read our infographic below to learn about all of the benefits it provides. If you’re interested in revamping your skincare routine,… Read More »

Is Fall the Best Season for Major Cosmetic Procedures?

Each season holds unique benefits for patients receiving plastic surgery. In the winter, it is easy to cover bandages and swelling with bulky sweaters. Spring is an ideal time for enhancing curves before summer. Summer means vacation time for many of our patients, making it easier to schedule a downtime intensive procedure. However, if we… Read More »

Reasons You’ll Love IV Hydration

Give your body the VIP treatment with IV hydration. Our IV therapies infuse the body with nutrients to optimize healing, maximize performance, and boost health. Powerhouse IV treatments like these have been used by celebrities and pro athletes for many years, and H/K/B is excited to offer a wonderful line of treatments from Aquamed IV… Read More »

Back to School Treatments for A+ Skin

Summer can be fun, but if we’re honest, it can also be difficult, especially for our patients with children. When the kids are out of school, life is busy and chaotic. Maybe you let your skin care habits slide a bit. As the kids go back to school, let’s get your skin back on track…. Read More »

What Causes Stubborn Fat?

Ditch unwanted fat with CoolSculpting. This treatment is our secret weapon love handles and other frustrating body bulges. It is non-surgical, non-invasive, and requires no downtime. Even better, patients see results in a single treatment. With this innovative procedure, we can help you love your body shape once again. Call today and learn more about CoolSculpting, our… Read More »