Closed vs. Open Rhinoplasty: What You Need to Know

Open versus closed rhinoplasty – what’s better for you? Like with many critical decisions, the honest answer is, “It depends.”  So, what does it depend on, you ask? Your specific needs and your doctor’s clinical advice will be major factors in the decision. Certain modifications of the nose lend themselves to one approach over the… Read More »

COVID-19 Update From H/K/B

Dear valued patients and friends, As your trusted healthcare provider, we know that you look to us for the highest standards of safety and medical care. We consider your well-being our highest priority, and after careful consideration, we have decided to close our offices for two weeks. This will be effective today, March 20, 2020,… Read More »

Tips to Reduce Swelling After Rhinoplasty

Have you chosen to take the valuable self-improvement step of rhinoplasty? You have reason to be proud. While others only talk, you’ve taken action. Despite thorough preparation, however, patients can be surprised by swelling. Depending on the extent of your procedure, the worst of it usually lasts only a few days. Still, rhinoplasty’s full healing… Read More »

Will Renuvion or J Plasma Replace the Surgical Facelift, Laser Treatments, or the Chemical Peel?

Aging is not kind to our faces, and innovations in plastic surgery and noninvasive treatments continue to find new ways to fight back. One of the latest is the Renuvion powered by J Plasma treatment. This remarkable technology can be applied both to tighten loose skin and remove surface imperfections such as wrinkles, discoloration, and… Read More »

After Tummy Tuck: The Exercises That Support Your Recovery

Congratulations! You’ve completed tummy tuck surgery, and you can’t wait to look and feel better than ever. And yes, with time and patience, you will get there. Just like before and during your surgery, your biggest ally afterward is your HKB doctor. No two patients respond to surgery in precisely the same way, and rushing… Read More »

3 Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Alternatives in Charlotte

Dreams do come true. If you’re dreaming of a flatter tummy, but don’t want to the hassle or commitment of surgery, come into H/K/B to learn more about our non-surgical tummy tuck alternatives. These treatments smooth, tighten, and tone the tummy, no surgery necessary. For a dramatic abdominal transformation, our tummy tuck reigns supreme, but… Read More »