Dimple Envy? Discover a Dimple of Your Own with Dimple Surgery

Have you always wanted a dimple? Dimples can add character to the face and enhance the smile. They are attractive on both men and women and are valued for the youthful, unique appearance they provide. If your genes didn’t give you the dimples you want, come see us. Dimple surgery, also known as dimpleplasty, is a simple, minimally invasive procedure that creates natural looking dimples.

What Is a Dimple?

Dimples are small indentations that typically occur on the cheeks or chin. They only appear when a person is smiling. The development of dimples is largely controlled by genetics. Not much is known about the causes of dimples, but it is believed that shorter muscles in the cheeks or a split Zygomaticus major could lead to dimpling.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dimple Surgery?

If you want dimples, and don’t have them, come learn more about dimple surgery. This procedure can be performed on patients of all skin types and colors. Many patients choose dimple surgery to contour round faces or to create a more youthful smile. Patients should be in good health and have no infections on the cheeks. Come in for your consultation and let’s talk about this transformative procedure.

What Happens During Dimple Surgery?

Dimple surgery takes less than an hour to complete and can be performed with only local anesthesia. You’ll work with your surgeon to choose the location and depth of the dimple. Then a small incision will be made inside of the mouth. Your surgeon will manipulate the muscle inside of the cheek and secure it with a suture. You can return home as soon as your procedure is complete. Since all incisions are made inside of the mouth, there is no visible scarring after this procedure.

You’ll see your results immediately after surgery. At first, the dimples may be visible even when you’re not smiling, but they will gradually settle into natural looking dimples. Results are permanent.


What’s Recovery Like After Dimple Surgery?

Most patients take a day or two off from work after surgery. You’ll probably experience mild swelling and bruising and may have some weakness in the cheek muscle. These effects are temporary and will resolve in a couple of days. Most patients find the recovery to be very easy and rather comfortable, but if needed, we can provide pain medications. We may also provide antibiotics or an oral rinse, depending on your needs.

Call us today and schedule your dimple surgery consultation.