Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Cosmetic Surgeries

Plastic surgery used to be a deep, dark secret. It was something to gossip and speculate about, but never something to admit to. Finally, things are changing. Women are proud of their surgeries. Celebrities talk about their enhancements. A breast augmentation is no longer something to hide, but instead, something to proudly admit to the world and can also help other people realize it is ok to admit that you had surgery. Embrace your body (and your surgeries… after all, they are a part of you).

A Turning Tide in Celebrity Breast Augmentation

Pop singer Iggy Azalea’s recent announcement of breast augmentation showed it isn’t just regular women embracing cosmetic enhancement. Many celebrities are proud to admit that their gorgeous bodies had a bit of a help. We hope this trend continues and expands. Real women need to realize that Hollywood bodies often aren’t achievable without help. Liposuction and breast augmentation are more common than many celebrities like to admit.

Celebrities like Iggy Azalea owning up to their surgeries and proudly admitting them helps the average woman to have realistic expectations for their bodies. It also gives them the courage to do something about things they don’t like. Actress Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting calls her breast implants the “best decision” she ever made. When celebrities tell the world about their surgeries, women and men are empowered to make similar decisions for themselves and to love their bodies too.

Natural… Enhanced… And Beautiful

The real benefit in the changing attitudes toward plastic surgery is the chance for women and men to take control of their bodies. If you love your natural breasts… great! If you don’t, change them. Plastic surgery isn’t an all or nothing proposition. It’s an opportunity for us to sculpt our best selves. Natural or enhanced, there’s no reason not to love your body.

Positive Change Starts with You

Celebrities aren’t the only ones that have the power to change perceptions on cosmetic procedures. You can too. Don’t be ashamed of your plastic surgeries. Don’t be afraid to tell people about your procedures and experiences. Women who are that proud and confident about their surgeries can be highly empowering and also help others. Let others see what cosmetic surgery has done for you. Plastic surgery is a gift that should be embraced, not hidden for both cosmetic and medical aspects.

By taking control and owning their bodies, women can finally love their bodies. Don’t be ashamed of plastic surgery, embrace it.