Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Breast Implants: Part 1

Saline or silicone? Textured or smooth? Round or shaped? Who knew breast implants were so complicated? To help you prepare for your breast augmentation consultation, we’ve prepared a couple of helpful guides to answer questions and provide you with information. This first one will prove indispensable as you navigate the complex world of breast implants.

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Saline vs. Silicone

There are two primary options for your breast implants: saline and silicone. Before we get into the details about both types, let us clear up a common misconception. Both types of implants can provide stunning results. They each have their advantages, but both are a wonderful choice.

breast augmentation

  • Saline– Saline implants can be used in any patient age 18 and up. They tend to be more affordable than silicone implants. These implants feature a silicone outer shell filled with a liquid saline solution (completely harmless to the body). It is easier to tell if a saline implant ruptures; the breast deflates and the saline is quickly absorbed into the body. Saline implants are also easier to replace or remove should the need arise.
  • Silicone– Silicone implants are loved for the light, natural feel. They are more expensive than saline implants and are only available to women aged 22 and up. Silicone implants require regular imaging to check for ruptures since they don’t deflate like saline implants.

Implant Shapes

Both round and teardrop shaped breast implants are available, each with their own advantages. Round implants are the most popular choice and provide a full, cleavage heavy look. Round implants tend to make breasts appear more lifted (similar to breasts in a push up bra). Teardrop implants are generally used to produce a more natural looking result.

Smooth or Textured Implant?

Capsular contracture is one of the biggest potential complications after breast augmentation. This occurs when the thin tissue capsule surrounding the implant hardens and tightens. It can be painful and can distort the shape and feel of the breast. Textured breast implants may reduce the risk of capsular contracture (the overall risk is already very low), but so can placing the implant behind the chest muscle. Teardrop shaped implants are often textured to help keep them from shifting inside of the breast capsule. This is a decision you’ll want to make with your surgeon; they can help you determine whether smooth or textured implants are the best choice for you.

The decision to get breast implants is just the first of many you’ll make before your actual breast augmentation surgery. When it comes to breast implants you’ve got lots of options. Talk with us about any questions you may have; we are here to help.