Everything You Need to Know about Breast Revision and Implant Replacement

The last thing you want to think about before breast augmentation is the possibility of having to have surgery again either for implant replacement or breast augmentation revision. Since many women don’t expect to need a second surgery, they often don’t ask questions about the possibility of a needed revision and don’t have the facts. Keep reading for everything you need to know about breast revision and implant replacement.

Choose Your Original Plastic Surgeon Carefully

If you didn’t want to love your breasts, you likely wouldn’t get breast augmentation in the first place. Choosing your surgeon carefully is important for ensuring that you’ll get the top notch results that you want and need. Make sure you choose a board certified plastic surgeon with lots of experience performing breast augmentation. Work with your surgeon closely to determine your ideal implant size, the type of implant placement you’ll receive, etc. Here at Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Plastic Surgery + MedSpa we offer the gold standard in care to each of our patients to bring our patients the best possible result every time. When going in for revision choosing a skilled plastic surgeon is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Another feature we offer our patients is Vectra 3D Imaging, an advanced imaging system that allows you to see your results before your surgery. This makes it easier to choose the right size of implants and to make adjustments before surgery so you’ll love the results afterwards. You don’t have to hope and wonder if you’ll love your breast augmentation; with Vectra 3D Imaging you’ll know from the start.

Revision is Sometimes Necessary, Even with the Best Surgeon

Even with a highly skilled and qualified surgeon revision is sometimes necessary. This isn’t because of a mistake on the part of your surgeon, but rather the way your body reacts to the implants. One condition that may require breast revision is called capsular contracture which occurs when the thin capsule surrounding the implant thickens causing breasts to feel hard and sometimes appear misshapen. Breast implant rupture is another reason why you may need to have implants replaced.

How Do I Know if Revision or Replacement is Needed?

Women choose breast revision for a variety of reasons. Some aren’t happy with the results from their original breast augmentation. Our surgeons are highly skilled in performing revisions and can correct problems like uneven implant placement or breasts that differ in size. Other women may want to increase or decrease the size of their implants or correct sagging that has occurred since their original surgery. Revision may also be used to correct problems like capsular contracture or to replace an implant that has ruptured. If you think you may need revision, come see us and one of our skilled surgeons will help you determine if surgery is necessary.

Change Things Up for a Different Result

When we perform a breast revision we strive to correct any problems and to limit the possibility of additional surgery in the future. For example if saline implants aren’t working for you, we may replace them with silicone gel (we have found that this type of implant typically works well in these situations). If you previously used a subglandular placement (over the pectoral muscle) for your implants, we may try a submuscular placement or vice versa. If capsular contracture was a problem there are different types of implants we can try to reduce your future risk. Our end goal is breasts you’ll love both now and for years to come.

Recovery is Similar to Your Original Surgery

Many patients want to know what to expect from their recovery after revision. Since you’ve already had breast surgery, you have a pretty good idea of what you’ll be able to do and how long it will take to get back to normal. Most women can return to their daily activities (except for lifting and strenuous exercise) after just a few days. Swelling, bruising, and tenderness are all to be expected, just like after your original breast surgery.

We want you to love your breasts so if your implants aren’t just what you wanted, come see us. Make Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Plastic Surgery + MedSpa your go to site for breast implant revision.