Facelift Recovery: How Long Does it Take?


Are you thinking about a facelift? Come in for surgery now and unveil a younger looking you by the holidays. Keep reading for answers to common questions about facelift recovery. Get ready to WOW this holiday season!

What Symptoms Should I Expect After a Facelift?

After a facelift it is common to feel tightness and to experience bruising and swelling. This should improve consistently over the first few days and weeks. You may also experience numbness and tingling. Most patients describe the pain as minimal. If you experience any pain that is not controlled with pain medication, contact us.

The first few days after surgery you’ll be heavily bandaged and will need to keep your head elevated. You’ll meet with us often so we can gauge your healing and answer any questions you may have. You can use pain medication to ease any discomfort as you heal. Most patients find the recovery after a facelift progresses rather quickly.

How Much Time Off Work Should I Plan for After a Facelift?

Most patients take 1-2 weeks off from work. You will feel better much sooner than this, but it can take some time before you’re recovered sufficiently to feel comfortable in public. Makeup can help cover incisions and bruising as you heal.

How Long Does it Take to Fully Recover from a Facelift?

You should be able to resume most activities within two weeks after surgery, including exercise. If you have any upcoming social events, schedule your facelift early. Although you’ll be ready to get back to life in about two weeks, it can take a bit longer before you’re photo ready. Give yourself at least a month before any major social events or planned photography.

What Will I Look Like After a Facelift?

A facelift can literally turn back the clock on your look. Many patients report looking 10 years younger after they’ve healed from surgery. A facelift tightens the lower portion of your face. It is easily combined with other procedures (like a brow lift) for full face and/or full body rejuvenation.

Incisions are carefully placed in inconspicuous locations. Once your incisions have fully healed, scarring should be very minimal. If you’re worried about looking fake after a facelift, don’t be. Our board certified plastic surgeons are well known for their natural-looking facelift results. You’ll look rejuvenated and refreshed, not overly “done.”

Are you ready to take the next step toward a younger looking face? Call our offices to schedule your facelift consultation.