H/K/B Now Offers NeoGraft!

You know a procedure comes highly recommended when even our surgeons are getting in on the fun. Dr. Joseph Hunstad received NeoGraft hair transplants and LOVES the results. He now enjoys a fuller head of natural looking hair and you can too (check out some photos from his procedure here). Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Plastic Surgery + MedSpa now offers NeoGraft. Call us today and learn more about his innovative hair restoration procedure.

What is NeoGraft?

For men and women suffering from thinning hair, looking in the mirror can be a painful reminder of what you don’t have. Approximately 40 million men and 21 million women suffer from male/female pattern baldness or thinning hair. NeoGraft is the least invasive hair transplantation procedure available. It allows us to quickly and easily transplant hair without a long recovery time or unnatural looking results.

The NeoGraft device is based on a type of hair transplantation known as follicular unit transplantation (also called FUE transplantation). This is an alternative to the “strip method” of hair transplantation. Instead of removing strips of skin and hair, follicular units (natural groupings of 1-4 hairs) are punched out and transplanted. This method was once more tedious, but the NeoGraft device makes the harvesting process quicker and easier. You get all the benefits of the “FUE Method” in a quicker procedure. The device also uses pneumatic pressure to smoothly remove each follicle for transplantation, reducing the potential occurrence of damage to the hair.

NeoGraft carries many benefits when compared with traditional strip harvesting. Let’s take a look:

  • Minimal Discomfort
  • No Scalpel Incisions
  • No Sutures
  • No Linear Scarring
  • More Natural-Looking Results
  • Quicker Recovery (many return to work the next day)
  • Little to No Risk of Complications
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Minimal Bleeding
  • Performed with Local Anesthesia
  • Fewer Activity Restrictions

Will NeoGraft Work for Me?

We love the results our patients (including Dr. Hunstad) are seeing from their NeoGraft hair transplants. This procedure works well on many patients with male/female pattern baldness or thinning hair. It can even be used to camouflage old scars from previous “strip” surgeries. If you have thinning hair or baldness, come see if NeoGraft is right for you.

We want you to love what you see when you look in the mirror!