Help! I Have a Buffalo Hump. Are There Ways to Treat It?

Do you have a buffalo hump? Come see us. This problem is highly treatable. We can restore your self-confidence, alleviate pain, and remove this unsightly hump.

What Is a Buffalo Hump?

A buffalo hump occurs when fat develops under the skin on the neck and upper back. These humps can range in size from rather small to very large. It can be caused by medical conditions (like Cushing’s disease), some medications, and/or prolonged steroid use.

The problem isn’t just cosmetic. The hump may feel firm and painful to the touch. It can interfere with the ability to extend the head and neck, to walk upright properly, and to find clothing that fits properly. Those with this disfigurement often describe it as embarrassing, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful.

What Are My Treatment Options for a Buffalo Hump?

Stop living with the pain, embarrassment, and discomfort of a buffalo hump. Come into Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Plastic Surgery + MedSpa to discuss your treatment options. During your consultation, we can examine the area, discuss your medical history, and offer some treatment recommendations. Not many plastic surgery practices offer buffalo hump treatment. We are pleased to have the experience, training, and expertise to help you look and feel better. Surgical correction can often restore your range of motion and improve your appearance by providing a smooth contour to the neck and back.

As H/K/B plastic surgeon Dr. Gaurav Bharti says, “Excess fatty tissue on the back or your neck and upper back aka buffalo hump can be treated very effectively with liposuction.” 

A buffalo hump can be difficult to remove; we’ll determine the best liposuction options to use in your treatment during your examination. Most patients miss 1-2 weeks from work and can return to strenuous exercise in about 4 weeks. Results should be long-lasting.

Get rid of your buffalo hump and reclaim your life. Call and schedule your consultation today.