How Can I Determine My Ideal Implant Size?

Are you considering breast augmentation? What size implants will you choose? Many of our patients come to their breast augmentation consultation with an ideal cup size in mind. They tell us that they’d like to be a 38D or a 40C or whichever size they’re dreaming of. Although cup size can give us an idea of what you’re wanting, there are far more effective ways to choose your implant size.

Cup Size Isn’t Always the Same

Have you ever found that no two bras fit alike? A 36C from one manufacturer can fit perfectly while the same size bra from another manufacturer can be far too tight or too loose. While there are some general guidelines to bra sizing, it varies quite a bit. Different manufacturers and even different bras can be sized entirely different. Cup size isn’t set in stone. Over the years, bra manufacturers have been known to revise and change their sizes. Today’s 36A might be tomorrow’s 34B. You just never know.

Your body plays a big role in changing cup sizes too. Lose a little weight? Your bra size might get smaller. Gain weight? It will likely increase. Pregnancy and breastfeeding factor in as well, as they can change the amount of breast tissue you have.

Cup Size Doesn’t Matter

When it comes down to it, cup size isn’t the most important factor in choosing implant size. More important than the combination of letters and numbers is how your newly augmented breasts look and feel. Do you want large breasts or smaller ones? Are you looking to make a dramatic change in your bust line or just perk things up a bit? Working closely with your surgeon will help you to get the breasts you’ve always wanted, regardless of the size.

Implants aren’t made using standard bra sizing. If you want 40DD breasts, your surgeon doesn’t choose a similarly sized implant. The amount of natural breast tissue you have plays a very important role in determining the final size of your breasts.

See Before Surgery

One of the best ways to ensure that you’ll love your new breasts is to see them before surgery. We offer Vectra 3D imaging, a revolutionary way for patients to see their expected results before the procedure. The program carefully scans your breast area and creates a 3D image of your results. This allows patients to work with their surgeon to create their ideal breasts: small, medium, or large.

Forget about cup size. The only thing that matters after breast augmentation is how you feel about your new breasts. Call us today at 704-659-9000 to schedule your consultation.