How Do I Know What Type of Breast Implant I Need?

When it comes to breast implants, you’ve got options: saline, silicone, cohesive silicone gel, big, medium, small, round, shaped, etc. The good news is, you don’t have to make the implant decision alone. We’ll work with you to find implants that complement your anatomy, your desires, and your lifestyle. Call and schedule your breast augmentation consultation today and discover your perfect implants.

Dr. Bharti says: “It’s an exciting time when it comes to breast augmentation.  We have so many varieties of implant types, sizes, and shapes to customize a patient’s results to obtain their personal goals.”

Saline vs. Silicone- Does it Really Matter?

We offer saline, silicone, and cohesive silicone gel (gummy bear) implants. Each of these implant types has unique benefits. Which type is best for you?

  • Saline Implants– Saline implants feature a silicone outer shell that is filled with a sterile saline solution once inside of the breast. They can be placed through a relatively small incision. Saline implants are less expensive than some of the other implant options.
  • Silicone Implants– Silicone implants feature a silicone outer shell and a soft, silicone gel filling. These implants feel very natural, even outside of the breast. They are less likely to ripple than saline implants.
  • Gummy Bear Implants– Gummy bear implants feature a silicone outer shell and a thick, cohesive silicone gel filling. They feel very similar to a gummy bear. These implants hold their shape very well and are believed to have a much lower risk for rupturing.

Saline, silicone, and gummy bear implants are all excellent options, but not for every patient. We’ll help you choose the best option for your body.

Implant Shape- Round or Anatomical?

Implants are available in both round and anatomical, or teardrop, shapes. Both can yield natural-looking results, depending on your anatomy. Round implants are the most common. Anatomical implants can shift, leading to breast distortion.

Smooth or Textured?

Implants are available with a smooth outer shell or a slightly textured shell. Textured implants have a stiffer shell and a higher rupture rate. They have several benefits as well, including a lower risk of capsular contracture and a lower risk of a shaped implant shifting in the pocket.

Which implant is right for you? The best way to choose your implants is to meet with one of our plastic surgeons. Implants aren’t one-size-fits-all and there are distinct benefits to choosing a particular implant type for many patients. Call and schedule your consultation to discuss your options.