How to Get Your Prettiest Pout for Valentine’s Day


Have you ever noticed that today’s celebrities have the most beautifully-shaped lips? Undoubtedly genes play a role, but could they all have been born that way? The secret for many is lip enhancement. 

It’s easy to see why the lips are considered a key sign of beauty. They’re one of the most noticeable and sensual parts of the face.  And, every time we smile or talk, we continue to draw attention to them. 

So, if our lips are going to get noticed, why not make them look their best?  In the hands of a skilled physician, likes the ones at HKB, your lips can look better than ever. This Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself?  Below are several lip augmentation options to consider:

Lip Fillers

The most common way to enhance the size and shape of the lips is with fillers like Juvéderm or Restylane.  These fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in your body. Your doctor injects it into both lips in a procedure that involves little to no pain.

As a result, your lips will take on a fuller, more supple appearance. Lip fillers are the most popular of lip enhancement treatments, probably because they can be done quickly and involve little to no bruising. They also allow you to increase your lip size gradually to help you find your desired look.

Other than a few days of swelling, lip fillers entail no recovery period or scarring. Their effect lasts a few months, and treatments are repeatable as necessary. HKB offers only lip filler therapies derived from human sources, so no allergy testing is required prior to your treatment.

Lip Implants

Lip implants small silicone additions that are implanted into the lips using local anesthetic. In advance, you choose from a variety of sizes, from a slight increase to medium fullness, to a larger volume look. Think of Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lisa Rinna.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of lip implants is that they’re permanent. As long as you desire their look, they’ll be there.  If you’d prefer not to return for additional lip treatments, this option may be ideal.

The recovery time from PermaLip, HKB’s preferred treatment, is usually less than a week. You may have to take off work for only a few days, and any scarring on the sides of your lips will not be noticeable. 

Fat Grafting

Another way to enhance your lips is through the use of your body’s own tissue. With fat grafting, your surgeon can harvest fat, either through liposuction (micro fat grafting) or through its removal from underneath a scar (dermal fat grafting).

In either procedure, HKB’s patients reap the benefit of an injection that originates from the body itself. Therefore, there’s no worry that your body will reject the tissue or have an allergic reaction. And, although some of the injected fat can be lost at first, the results are long-lasting. 

Fat grafting patients can expect to resume work or other regular activity within 1 to 2 weeks and vigorous exercise within 4-8 weeks.  Bruising or swelling can occur, but usually only at the site of liposuction. 

Lip Lift

Some of us may need benefits attainable only by surgical means.  For example, as we age, our lips can sag and lengthen, causing our mouth to take on the appearance of frowning.  Using small incisions on the corners of the mouth, HKB’s lip lift procedure reverses this effect.

Patients previously resigned to looking older can enliven their entire face in a way that’s not obvious to others.  Instead of appearing to be tired and slightly unhappy, patients can seem more youthful and better-natured. And, no return visits are required.  The results are long-lasting.

The recovery for lip lift is relatively short, with most of HKB’s patients returning to work within a few days.  At that time, you can use makeup to cover any scarring, which itself fades in two to four weeks.

How to Get Started

With so many options, how does one choose? Rest assured, HKB’s skilled surgeons are here to help you make the best choice. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Why not treat yourself this year?  Contact HKB’s staff today to set up your consultation!