Introducing: Ask a Doctor

Are you thinking about plastic surgery, but not quite ready to take the plunge? Maybe you have surgical questions about one of the procedures on your wish list. We’re pleased to introduce a new service to our valued patients and prospective patients: Ask a Doctor. What questions will you ask?

I’ve Got Plastic Surgery Questions. How Do I Ask a Doctor?

Are saline or silicone implants better? Is laser skin resurfacing an alternative to a surgical facelift? Will eyelid surgery fix bags under the eyes? You may be hesitant to schedule a full consultation when you’re not yet sure if you really want plastic surgery. However, without a consultation you may be unable to get information you need to make a decision. Our “Ask a Doctor” service is the solution. Ask a surgical question and one of our board-certified plastic surgeons will contact you with the answer. Make an informed choice so you can schedule your consultation with confidence.

What Kinds of Questions Can I Ask?

Ask a Doctor isn’t a replacement for an in-person consultation with one of our surgeons. It’s simply a way to get the answers you need so you can take that next step. If you’ve got questions about things like recovery times, implant types, non-surgical alternatives, etc. this service can get you the answers you need.

Ask a Doctor is designed to answer your surgical questions, not questions about cost, financing, or scheduling a consultation. If you need help with these, call our offices at 704-659-9000. We’ll happily help you over the phone. Ask a Doctor is designed for surgical questions and help with determining if you want to schedule a consultation.

How Much Does Ask a Doctor Cost?

Ask a Doctor is a free service we provide to our patients. There is no cost for asking questions or receiving answers from our surgeons.

I Want to Ask a Doctor- Here’s How!

Are you ready to Ask a Doctor? Follow this link and fill out the form. Place your question in the message box and make sure that “Ask a Doctor” is selected. Enter the Captcha (so we know you’re a real person) and hit submit. One of our surgeons will contact you by phone or email shortly with the answer to your question.

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Consultation?

Once your questions are answered and you’re ready to move toward a consultation, give us a call. We’ll help you schedule a consultation with one of our skilled and experienced surgeons. During your consultation you’ll receive an in-depth examination, a careful review of your medical history, answers to questions, and personalized advice/treatment recommendations. Ask a Doctor and then schedule your consultation. We’ll help you get to your best body!