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Is Bigger Better: Your Guide to Breast Implant Sizes


Not too big and not too small, when it comes to breast augmentation our goal is to provide you with your “just right”. Preference is everything when it comes to finding the right breast size. Some women are very comfortable with large breasts while others prefer something a little smaller. We’ll work with you to find the perfect size. Bigger isn’t always better with breast implants, unless of course, you prefer it that way.

Are These Implants Too Big?

We’ll work closely with you to find implants that meet your aesthetic goals and complement your anatomy. Most women have a wide variety of potential implant shapes and sizes available. However, there is the possibility of implants that are too big. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Sufficient Tissue to Cover the Implant- It is important to have sufficient breast tissue to cover and camouflage the implant in the breast. If you have a small amount of natural breast tissue or if you want large implants we may recommend placing them under the pectoral muscle as this can help to cover the implant for a more natural look.
  • Bigger = Heavier– Bigger implants are heavier and are more prone to sagging, malpositioning, and bottoming out. We’ll help you choose a size that is appropriate while minimizing the negative complications of oversize implants.
  • Your Anatomy Matters– An implant that is too large for one woman may be the perfect size for another. The size of your chest wall, the amount of breast tissue you already have, your skin elasticity, and other factors can impact the right implant size for you. We’ll help you determine what implant sizes are a good fit after examining your breasts.

According to Dr. Gaurav Bharti, “Choosing breast implant size is a dynamic process that requires time, research, and communication with your surgeon.  Bigger is not always better.  A variety of methods exist to help estimate size including trying implants, vectra 3-D imaging, and tissue based planning.  Make sure your surgeon takes the time to help you pick the optimal size for your body and goals.”

How Do I Choose a Breast Implant Size?

Many women struggle with choosing their implant size for their breast augmentation. We are pleased to offer an advanced imaging tool called Vectra 3D Imaging to make the process easier. We’ll start by taking a series of photos. These photos are loaded into an interactive imaging program. You’ll be able to “try on” implant sizes and shapes to find the right fit. You don’t have to make the size decision blindly. With Vectra Imaging you’ll know what your new breasts will look like during your consultation.

What size are your dream breasts? With breast augmentation we’ll help you find that perfect fit.