Lopsided Breasts? How a Lift or Augmentation Balances Your Beauty

Everything is better when it’s in balance: a balanced diet, a balanced bank account, and of course, work-life balance. Let’s add one more to the list, balanced breasts. Lopsided breasts leave many women feeling embarrassed and unhappy with their appearance. Breast lift or breast augmentation surgery can create asymmetry and boost your body confidence. Come into H/K/B and balance your beauty. 

What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

If you have uneven breasts, you’re in good company. Most women experience some asymmetry, or a difference between the look, feel, size, or shape of the two breasts. Much of the time, this asymmetry is minor and not easily noticeable. Minor asymmetry doesn’t need treatment. Other women have a more significant variation between the two breasts. These moderate to severe variations are the type of breast asymmetry we typically address through cosmetic breast surgery. 

What causes differences in appearance between the two breasts? There are many potential causes of breast asymmetry, including trauma to the breast or breast buds, genetics, birth defects, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, and cancer. Some women develop breast asymmetry as a result of a poorly done breast augmentation or reduction. 

Balancing the Breasts with Breast Implants

One of the most common methods for treating breast asymmetry is breast augmentation. We use this technique for treating breast size asymmetry. We’ll place implants into the breasts, or potentially a singular breast implant into the smaller breast, to balance breast size. The goal is to create two similarly sized breasts by adding more volume into the smaller breast until a consistent size is achieved. 

Saline implants are especially helpful for treating asymmetry as they are filled within the breast, giving your surgeon additional flexibility to create symmetrical breasts. 

Breast Lift Surgery for Asymmetry

For position and shape irregularities, a breast lift is one of the most effective options for treating breast asymmetry. This procedure can address:

  • Variations in breast positioning
  • Asymmetry of nipple size or position
  • Breast shape differences

In a breast lift procedure, the breast is reshaped and repositioned. If needed, skin and tissue can be removed and nipple variations addressed. Many women opt for a breast lift and breast augmentation combination for breast asymmetry treatment. 

Will My Breast Asymmetry Return?

Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery create permanent changes in the size, shape, and position of the breasts. Results are long-lasting, but not always permanent. There is a chance you will need breast revision surgery. 

You see, asymmetry can be difficult to treat because the breasts are always changing. They change during the month as hormonal levels fluctuate. They change with weight gain or loss and pregnancy. The aging process also affects the breasts. When you’ve received treatment for breast asymmetry, these normal breast changes may not affect both breasts evenly. One breast may sag more than the other, or size changes may impact one breast more significantly. If these differences occur and are bothersome, revision surgery can correct them. 

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