Non-Surgical Cosmetic Surgery Options at H/K/B

If you are debating whether or not you really need to undergo cosmetic surgery and if you have other options to explore first, like non-surgical cosmetic surgery options, then H/K/B is the perfect place to start. H/K/B has one of the most expansive non-surgical cosmetic surgery device technology stacks that have been hand-selected by the award-winning plastic surgeons of H/K/B for their proven results and effectiveness. 

Investing in the research, testing, and proven results of innovative and cutting-edge technology is “The H/K/B Way” and it’s their approach to non-surgical cosmetic surgery devices, products, and ultimately the practice’s service offerings. The H/K/B Providers set out to be a unique practice by ensuring that no matter what issue or result a patient comes to them with, they will have the device or tool to achieve that result and make them a happy patient.

From fat reduction to skin tightening of the face and body to anti-aging skin care products and wrinkle treatments, H/K/B offers the right non-surgical cosmetic surgery options and highly-skilled Providers to ensure you get the desired outcome you want. It’s important to note that not everyone needs to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance their natural beauty or contour their body so non-surgical treatments may be the right approach for you. 

H/K/B approaches every patient with care and compassion by listening to them and ensuring their needs are met. The Providers customize and individualize the treatment and procedure plans for each patient to ensure results. Check out the wide range of face treatments, body contouring treatments, laser skin treatments, and more that H/K/B has to offer and book a consultation today to start your non-surgical cosmetic surgery treatment plan!

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Surgery Before & After Photos

Be sure to view our Before and After Photo Gallery of non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures to see real patient results at H/K/B.

Meet The Cosmetic Surgeons

H/K/B represents cosmetic surgeons who are counted among the most respected physicians in the country. They have created a practice that is sought after by patients for types of cosmetic surgery across the globe, with specialties in many areas and contributing to over 1,000 surgeries and 3,000 procedures every year. Between them, they have more than 50 years of combined experience and remain up to date on the latest clinical advances in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Our cosmetic surgeons have also won a variety of awards, have conducted research, and are extensively published in the field. Drs. Hunstad, Kortesis, and Bharti are experts in all types of cosmetic surgery and all are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.