CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC

CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC

Many of us struggle with stubborn deposits of fat and flab, even extra skin that we just can’t seem to shake, despite adhering to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Thankfully, there are a number of non-surgical fat reduction options for gaining a more desirable, contoured physique. Many of these methods don’t require surgical intervention or post-operative downtime! One of the top forms of non-surgical fat reduction is the CoolSculpting® procedure. H/K/B is proud to be one of the leading providers of CoolSculpting® Charlotte, NC. We invite you to learn more about the CoolSculpting® procedure and the kinds of benefits it offers.

The Cool Way to Reduce Fat – CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC

The CoolSculpting® procedure represents a new, non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body. Specifically, CoolSculpting® results in a noticeable, natural-looking reduction of fat in all treated areas. What makes the CoolSculpting® procedure different is that it uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and remove fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues. This procedure can reduce unwanted abdominal fat, love handles (flanks), and back fat.

CoolSculpting® is painless, it works quickly, and it doesn’t require any recovery time afterward; in fact, the CoolSculpting® procedure is so quick and easy that we have patients who come in for the best CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC sessions during their lunch hour, then head straight back to work.

What is CoolSculpting®?

Unlike more invasive surgical procedures, the CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC process is non-invasive, with no needles and no need for surgical incisions. During the procedure, a non-invasive applicator is applied to the skin surface to deliver precisely controlled cooling to target and remove fat cells in specific areas of the body.

As they are exposed to cooling, the fat cells begin a process of natural cell removal. The fat cells in the treated area are gradually removed through the body’s normal metabolic processes, similar to how fat from food is removed. The result is a reduction in fat bulges that is visible in most patients in about two to four months.

CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC is a popular option for non-surgical fat reduction, especially among individuals who lead generally healthy lifestyles but still struggle with a bit of bulge. Indeed, this is a common complaint that we hear at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery: We have countless patients who are physically fit and at a stable weight, yet still have bulges, rolls, and other small areas of fat they can’t get rid of no matter how much they exercise or diet. Spot reducing fat through diet and exercise is practically impossible for many of us. Men and women alike face the frustrating truth every day: A muffin top. Love handles. Back fat—not much, but just enough to show through a snug-fitting t-shirt or blouse. These small areas of fat don’t seem to warrant a surgical procedure. And yet, what else can be done?

After a one-to-three hour CoolSculpting® procedure, the patient’s body goes to work. Over the next two to four months, the crystallized fat cells break down and are naturally removed from the body. The ease and efficacy of CoolSculpting® make it one of the very best ways to pursue non-surgical fat reduction; if you’re ready to learn more about CoolSculpting® Charlotte, NC, we hope you’ll contact us at your next opportunity.

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Is CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC Right for You?

One important question to consider is who’s a good candidate for CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC. Generally, H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery recommends the CoolSculpting® procedure for men and women who meet the following criteria:

  • You’re within about 10 or 15 pounds of your ideal body weight, but have some stubborn areas of flab that you’d like to remove.
  • Your weight is pretty stable, and you don’t experience a lot of significant fluctuations.
  • You’re looking for a fat reduction method that doesn’t require narcotics, chemicals, or injections.
  • You’d prefer to lose weight in target areas without pursuing a more significant surgical intervention, such as liposuction or tummy tuck.

If you have any additional questions about whether you’d be a good candidate for CoolSculpting® Charlotte, we invite you to set up a consultation with H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery today.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect from Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?

Another important question is what kind of results you can expect from the CoolSculpting® procedure. It’s important for patients to have realistic goals for CoolSculpting®, understanding that it can make a big difference in removing fat from treated areas, but that it’s not as comprehensive as something like a tummy tuck.

The CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC procedure can reduce the fat layer by 20 to 40 percent. Scientific testing has found an average reduction of 20 percent. If the patient’s treatment plan calls for an additional procedure to get rid of love handles or back fat, this will be done after two to four months, depending on the doctor’s advice. An additional 20 percent reduction can be experienced, resulting in a total fat loss of 40 percent. Please remember that these are general estimates, and that all patients are different; however, it’s fair to assume that your CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC results will fall somewhere in this basic range.

What happens during the CoolSculpting® procedure?

The patient and doctor first select the area(s) to be treated. For instance, if your goal is to reduce your love handles, the doctor will position the system on your side. The device then draws the bulge up between two cooling panels. The sensation is a firm tug and pull – enough of a pull to ensure the tissue will be cooled most efficiently.

What does it feel like?

As the panels go to work in the first few minutes, the patient feels a sensation of intense cold. This soon dissipates. The patient is seated comfortably or lying down during the one- to three-hour procedure. Many people spend this time reading, working on their laptops, or even taking a nap. While there may be some minor discomfort at first, simply due to the sudden sensation of cold, patients get used to it quickly, with many telling us that they actually find the process to be pretty relaxing.

What About Downtime?

One of the great things about the CoolSculpting® procedure is that, because there’s no anesthesia and no incision, there’s also no need for post-procedure downtime. In fact, because the CoolSculpting procedure is completely non-invasive, the patient can return to normal activities immediately. Some patients experience redness, minor bruising, tingling, or numbness in the treated area, but this usually only lasts for a few hours at the most.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

Patients may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after their treatment, and will experience the most dramatic results after two months. But the body is still flushing fat cells, and will continue doing so for up to four months. We generally advise patients that they’ll start to notice improvements to their appearance pretty quickly, but it’s important to wait a few months to see the full, cumulative results of the CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC process.

Are the Results Long-Lasting?

During the CoolSculpting® procedure, the treated fat cells are completely removed from the body… period. As long as the patient maintains his or her weight with diet and exercise, the results should remain stable over the long haul.

Should I Choose CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC Over Weight Loss Surgery?

One of the most common questions expressed by our patients is whether they should opt for a non-surgical fat reduction procedure, like CoolSculpting®, or else go for a full weight loss surgery, like liposuction or a tummy tuck. The short answer: It all depends on your goals and what you’re trying to accomplish.

There are some significant benefits to choosing CoolSculpting, including:

  • It’s totally safe, as it only targets fat cells that are below the skin.
  • With various financing options available, it’s also very affordable.
  • It’s very quick, with treatments sometimes taking as little as 35 minutes.
  • It’s highly effective, successfully removing a high percentage of targeted fat cells.
  • It’s proven; there is ample research to show that CoolSculpting gets results.

With that said, CoolSculpting is really aimed at those who are looking to pinpoint and remove fat along one or two parts of their body. Those seeking a more substantial result, or who have a larger area of fat to remove, may want to ask us about surgical options. At H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery, we’re happy to help you make a fully informed decision about your treatment options.

Learn More About CoolSculpting® Charlotte, NC

At H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery, we’re pleased to offer our clients a range of options for looking and feeling their best, including non-invasive solutions like CoolSculpting®.

If you’re looking for the best CoolSculpting® in Charlotte, NC, we hope you’ll keep us in mind. If you have any additional questions about the CoolSculpting® process, or are ready to make your appointment, we invite you to contact H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery today.

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