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Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse for Hands

As we get older, hand rejuvenation is added to this list of ‘things to do’. Hiding aging on the back of the hands is almost impossible; whether you’re typing something or holding hands with someone, it’s hard to hide the fact that the backs of your hands have aged considerably. Some of the most troublesome signs of aging are visible veins and tendons on the back of the hand or extremely wrinkled, slightly loose skin. No matter how young your face or body looks, aging on the back of the hands can be a dead giveaway of someone’s true age. With Radiesse for the hands, you can undergo hand rejuvenation and finally restore youthful fullness and smoothness to the back of your hand by restoring volume to the skin. The incredible part is that you can get it done without a long or painful recovery because a few small injections are all you’ll need with our innovative hand rejuvenation treatment. The backs of your hands will be lifted so that they can be fuller, smoother, and look more youthful overall. With Radiesse for hands, you can have amazing hand rejuvenation results that last for a year.

Why Do My Hands Look Old?

One of the biggest causes of aging is volume loss in the skin and the loss of fatty tissue all over the body. As we get older, we start to slow down the production of collagen in our skin, leading to thinner, more delicate skin that’s more likely to wrinkle. Fatty tissue in the hands also starts to deplete, which is why boniness is a common sign of aging. This volume loss then leads to unsightly tendons and blue veins to appear on the back of the hands, along with looser, crepe-like skin. These signs of aging can make hands look bony and thin, and make the knuckles unsightly and prominent. A hand rejuvenation treatment is oftentimes the go-to answer for this inevitable occurrence. By restoring this youthful volume back to the hands, Radiesse for hands can remove one of the most unsightly signs of aging.

What Makes Radiesse for Hands Special?

Radiesse for hands is an injectable hand rejuvenating treatment, so it’s made up of a smooth gel that contains an active ingredient in the form of microspheres. This smooth gel is part of what creates the instant fullness and volumization in the skin. However, what makes Radiesse for hands so special is the calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa) in the formula. While the gel itself can create instant rejuvenation in the hands by creating natural, subtle volume, the (CaHa) in the formula kickstarts a resurgence in collagen production. CaHa is also amazing for hydrating the skin, so the backs of your hands will gradually look younger and healthier as time goes by. An increase in collagen means stronger collagen structures in the skin, which makes for fuller, smoother, and younger-looking skin. You’ll be able to have an incredible combination of instant rejuvenation and real rejuvenation of your skin that will last for months. Unlike laser treatments for the back of the hands, Radiesse for hands won’t cause any peeling or small wounds.

How is a Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Performed?

Administering Radiesse for the hands is incredibly simple and straightforward. It’s safe enough to be performed right there in the H/K/B offices. Performing Radiesse for the hands should only take about 20 minutes, or around 10 minutes for each hand. First, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned to prepare it for injection. Then the hand rejuvenating treatment will be injected into multiple, critical areas on the back of the hand, with your injector making sure that each hand is perfectly sculpted and molded to create the most youthful contours for the back of the hands. Each injection site will be massaged to help distribute the treatment. After the treatment, you will be able to go immediately back to your daily activities. To get the perfect results, patients might require one or two treatments of Radiesse for hands.

Does a Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Hurt?

Your hand rejuvenation treatment will be delivered through injection, so you won’t have to deal with any peeling, incisions, or sutures. Your injector will use an incredibly fine needle for the treatment, and only incredibly small amounts will be injected, so most patients feel only a tolerable pinprick during treatment. Radiesse does have lidocaine in its formula to help with any pain, but if the patients need, a topical or local anesthetic will be available. Afterwards, you can have an ice pack to help with any swelling or discomfort.

How Much Radiesse for the Hands Will I Need?

The amount of injectable for each treatment will depend on the degree of aging on the hands. For example, those with a larger degree of volume loss will need a larger treatment to achieve the desired hand rejuvenation.

How Long Does a Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Last?

Radiesse for hands lasts long beyond its initial volume enhancement because of its remarkable collagen-inducing powers. After receiving one or two hand rejuvenating treatments of Radiesse, some patients have had results that have lasted for up to a year!

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What Are the Side Effects of Radiesse for Hands?

Some patients have reported some mild effects like swelling, lumps, redness, soreness, and bruising. However, these are only temporary, and many patients report seeing these side effects go away after a week. If you add a chemical peel or laser treatment immediately after your Radiesse for hands treatment, your side effects might be even more exacerbated.

What’s the Recovery Like?

There’s very minimal downtime or recovery period needed after a treatment of Radiesse for hands. To make sure your results are as maximized as possible, it’s highly advised that you avoid excessive sun exposure to the hands or strenuous activity involving the hands for around 24 hours after the treatment. Patients should also avoid over-the-counter medications like aspirin for a day or two after treatment to avoid bruising.

Is It Safe to Get Radiesse for Hands?

It’s FDA-approved and completely safe to be used for rejuvenating the back of the hands. Patients of any skin tone can have Radiesse for the hands.

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