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The mirror can often reveal some facial flaws that can cause many of us concern. With aging and environmental factors, such as pollution and excessive sun exposure, we are in a constant fight with unsightly blemishes and impurities. Fine lines and wrinkles, blackheads and whiteheads, sun damage, brown spots, and dry flakes are enemies to our natural facial beauty. When we look to aesthetic treatments, like Hydrafacial Charlotte NC, for help, we seek something quick, easy, and with instant results!

Discover your best skin, no surgery needed. We’re excited to now offer HydraFacial, an innovative and customizable facial skin treatment that offers instant results in about 30 minutes. 

Many of us are looking for that miracle treatment that  makes our skin apear flawless. Here at H/K/B, we believe a HydraFacial Charlotte NC is as close to a miracle as medical-grade skin care can get. 

The HydraFacial is a remarkable skin treatment that is both therapeutic and relaxing. It will satisfy the need for a quick outcome along with cumulative, long-term results. So, for a skin treatment that will make your skin glow – look no further. You’ll love the simplicity of a HydraFacial Charlotte, and the beauty of your radiant, healthy skin.

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Why Is The HydraFacial Charlotte NC So Amazing?

Beautiful skin doesn’t happen by accident. The HydraFacial can help you improve your skin’s appearance. It removes dead skin, extracts impurities, and immerses the skin in vital nutrients to ensure optimal skin health. The treatment is quick and is performed in our offices without the need for anesthesia or painkillers. No downtime is needed. HydraFacial is non-irritating and offers immediate results. 

The HydraFacial is a wonderful treatment for anyone looking to improve their facial skin appearance. It’s perfect to have before an event or to add to your current skincare regimen. Your skin will be revived and look magnificent, and your makeup can be applied smoothly without it building up in pores or creases.

HydraFacial Charlotte is also effective in removing dead cells built up over time. By removing these outer layers of dead skin, Hydrafacial  allows your skincare products to penetrate deeper and absorb into your skin freely to become more beneficial.

Because the HydraFacial Charlotte NC treatment delivers amazing results immediately, it’s a perfect way to prepare for all special events, ranging from a wedding to a first date!

HydraFacial Overview

The HydraFacial is a medical grade, skin resurfacing procedure that offers noticeable and immediate results with no downtime. Our Medical Aesthetician can customize the HydraFacial Charlotte NC treatment to your specific skin care goals and requirements.

They will begin by completing a detailed skin analysis. This analysis is instrumental in identifying specific skincare serums that will fit the HydraFacial treatment most suitable for your specific concerns and skin type.

The Hydrafacial Charlotte uses four phases to cleanse, peel, extract and hydrate your skin.  It combines antioxidants, water, and skin nourishers, which include specialty serums chock full of potent peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. The HydraFacial will also vacuum out skin impurities, dead skin, and toxins.

The HydraFacial includes the patented 4-in-1 technology of Vortex-Cleansing, HydroPeel Exfoliation, Vortex-Extraction, and Vortex-Fusion. Your aesthetician may also include a specific treatment serum to address an explicit skin need.

The HydraFacial doesn’t play favorites. No matter what skin type you have, this treatment is likely a good fit. Whatever your skin concerns, HydraFacial can address them. The HydraFacial Charlotte addresses:

  • Enlarged Pores
  • Congested and Oily Skin
  • Brown Spots
  • Skin Texture
  • Vibrancy and Even Tone
  • Elasticity and Firmness
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damage
  • Anti-Aging
Simply put, your skin will look younger, brighter, firmer, plumper, and smoother – Instantly!

HydraFacial Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the HydraFacial, one of the newest treatment offerings at H/K/B? We’d be happy to answer your questions or address your concerns. Just give us a call! In the meantime, keep reading for answers to top questions about the HydraFacial.

The key to a radiant and healthy skin presence is hydration. When the skin becomes dry and irritated, it is clinically proven to increase aging signs like wrinkles and lines. The HydraFacial adds moisture to your skin while effectively reducing skin irritants. Your skin will feel hydrated and rejuvenated after just one treatment. 

Because the HydraFacial is designed for every skin type including the most sensitive of skin, the HydraFacial is suitable for all patients looking to improve skin health and appearance. Although the treatments may differ depending on your unique skin requirements and condition, each treatment is tailored to you and your skin issues.

Each HydraFacial treatment lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. However, some patient concerns require more treatment (like including the neck), so some sessions may last a bit longer. You can fit the treatment in nicely on a lunch break. 

You will be able to resume normal activities right after the session is complete. You can put your makeup on as well right after treatment.

Many of our patients experience a radiant, even skin tone, after one session, while other patients, although seeing marked improvement, may need additional sessions to experience optimal results.

The outcome depends on the severity of the problem. We typically recommend one treatment per month to improve congested skin, brown spots, oily skin, wrinkles and fine lines.

Hydration and smooth skin results can last up to a week. As you continue with HydraFacial sessions, you will notice your results will only continue to get better.

The HydraFacial treatment is not considered painful by most patients. It is gentle and non-irritating. HydraFacial is non-invasive and non-surgical.

We are excited to bring this powerful and effective treatment to H/K/B. Come in and learn more about the HydraFacial and our other skin care offerings or call our offices to book your first treatment. You’re going to love your skin after HydraFacial.

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