Lip Augmentation

Whether your lips have become thinner as you have grown older or you have always coveted full, sensuous lips, a lip augmentation procedure can contour your lips and help you look younger and more attractive.

At H/K/B we give you options for lip augmentation. Temporary methods can add volume to your lips for a period of months. These include Restylane and Juvéderm dermal filler injections.

If you would prefer to avoid the maintenance of injections, you can choose PermaLip augmentation that involves the placement of a soft, solid silicone lip implant. Unlike less advanced implants, this silicone device can be removed if you decide you dislike it. Another long lasting option is fat grafting (injection of your own fat).

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What can lip augmentation do for me?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lips, lip augmentation can add the volume you want – either surgically or non-surgically.

We are very sensitive to the worries that many patients have about lip augmentation. We do not advocate the over-inflated look that you have seen in some Hollywood actresses. Your lips will look fuller but not obviously augmented.

What can I expect during lip augmentation?

The procedure varies greatly depending on whether you have chosen a non-surgical or surgical solution.

Restylane and Juvéderm are dermal fillers that add volume to the lips when injected with a very fine needle. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the area, and a small amount of the product is injected to make your lips naturally fuller. These fillers last for a period of months, after which the injections must be repeated.

HK provides two methods of fat grafting/fat injectionsMicrofat Grafting adds fullness to the lips for a subtle improvement. Fat is harvested through liposuction, and the harvested fat is placed and spun in a centrifuge to remove oils and any other non-fat materials. The result is very smooth in texture so that it can be injected into the desired area.

Dermal Fat Grafting is performed by removing a strip of tissue usually found within a previous scar for placement into the lips.

Fat injections are a long lasting solution for lip augmentation, as the results are long-lasting, although this varies from patient to patient.

PermaLip silicone lip implants provide  lasting lip enhancement that is soft and smooth. The implants are inserted through small injections at the end of each lip where the scar is not noticeable. The procedure is performed using a local anesthetic.

How long does it take to recover from lip augmentation?

While you can expect some mild bruising and swelling for a few days after dermal filler injections, there is no recovery period required.

With fat grafting, healing must take place at both the injection site and the site of harvesting. Often, there is more bruising and swelling from liposuction than from the injections. Any pain can be managed with medication, and depending upon the extent of the liposuction, you can return to normal activities within 1-2 weeks and vigorous exercise within 4-8 weeks.

Recovery from silicone lip implants is generally fast. Most patients take less than a week off from work until post-procedure swelling has subsided.

How long does lip augmentation last?

A lip implant is long lasting unless you decide to have it removed.

Dermal filler lip augmentation lasts a period of months, while fat injections are long-lasting.

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