Otoplasty- Is it Worth it?

If you could save your child from years of teasing and embarrassment, would you? Otoplasty is one of the few plastic surgery procedures commonly performed on children. It corrects misshapen ears, protruding ears, overly large ears, etc. Is otoplasty worth it? It depends. Let’s take a look at some of the factors involved.

Prevent Bullying and Maintain Self Confidence

One of the biggest reasons that parents opt for otoplasty on their child is to prevent bullying. Children are notorious for pointing out each other’s flaws and prominent ears are certainly a favorite. Parents hope that otoplasty at an early age will save their child from teasing, taunting, and bullying and help the child grow up with a healthy and strong sense of self confidence. Otoplasty on children is becoming more popular in recent years, possibly due to the increased knowledge of the procedure from the internet.

Adults that have undergone otoplasty give the procedure a 96% worth it rating on RealSelf.com.

Otoplasty and Children- How Young Is Too Young?

Otoplasty can be performed during childhood or adulthood. Many adults that have the surgery are relieved to finally have ears they like, but wish that they hadn’t endured a lifetime or teasing and embarrassment. Many have spent years hiding or covering their ears in an effort to camouflage them.

In children otoplasty can be performed once the cartilage is sufficiently developed, typically around 5 years of age. The ears reach their full size at a young age, allowing children to enjoy the benefits of otoplasty well before adulthood, and often before they even start school.

What Should I Expect from Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a relatively simple procedure. We perform it on an outpatient basis in our Huntersville surgical facility. Incisions are placed behind the ear and the ears are carefully and expertly reshaped. We use gentle cartilage curving techniques and invisible sutures. We understand that children experiencing otoplasty surgery may be nervous and our highly trained nurses will ensure their comfort throughout the process.

After otoplasty recovery is rapid and pain is minimal (if needed pain can be controlled with over the counter pain relievers). You (or your child) can shower the next day and resume regular activities shortly thereafter. We ask that patients wear a protective headband for about 6 weeks to protect the ears and prevent accidental injury.

When parents are considering otoplasty for their child, they often have a lot questions. We understand the concerns parents face preparing their children for surgery and will happily answer questions and address concerns during your otoplasty consultation.

Is otoplasty worth it? For many parents and children avoiding the teasing that prominent ears can bring is well worth the surgery. Only you can decide if otoplasty is right for you. Call our offices today to schedule your otoplasty consultation.