Plastic Surgery Recovery- Ways to Ease the Pain and Swelling Post-Procedure

At Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Plastic Surgery + MedSpa we want your recovery experience to be as enjoyable as possible. By following our advice and taking advantage of a few post-procedure tips you can ease discomfort, speed healing, and get back to life sooner after your procedure.

Keep Up with Pain Medications

Recovery shouldn’t be a painful experience. We provide pain medications as needed, but often these are only needed for the first couple of days. Over-the-counter pain relief can be very effective for easing pain and discomfort after surgery. Stay on top of your pain medications and follow our recovery instructions carefully. If you experience any unexpected discomfort or extreme pain, let us know. We want your recovery to be as comfortable as possible.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage- Ease Swelling, Pain, and Bruising After Cosmetic Surgery

Manual lymphatic drainage, also known as MLD, is a massage technique that can improve your recovery experience after plastic surgery. We may recommend MLD to reduce swelling, pain, bruising, and infection after surgery. During a treatment session pressure is applied to drain excess fluid from the body. MLD is highly effective, but still gentle enough for patients to use after surgery.

Endermologie- Before and After Liposuction

Endermologie is great for patients before and after liposuction. It increases circulation, smooths lumpy connective tissue, and helps to flush toxins and fluids from the body. Endermologie can reduce the appearance of cellulite and shape and smooth the skin. We often recommend this soothing massage to liposuction and tummy tuck patients. Endermologie is painless, but highly effective.

Ultrasound- Reduce Puffiness and Bruising Post-Treatment

One of the hardest parts of cosmetic surgery recovery is waiting for the bruising and swelling to fade. Ultrasound can make it happen sooner by reducing puffiness and bruising after treatment. We love pairing ultrasound with facial treatments and it has the added benefit of tightening and firming the skin too.
With these post-procedure treatments you can recover from plastic surgery with less pain, less swelling, and less bruising. Ask us if any of these treatments are right for you.