Shed that Shirt With Male Breast Reduction

For many men with gynecomastia, a trip to the beach or a visit to the pool can be agonizing. They dread taking off their shirts and exposing their excess breast tissue. If you experience shirtless anxiety, give us a call and learn about male breast reduction. Don’t miss out on the outdoor fun that comes with summer. You can shed your shirt without feeling embarrassed.

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, is a common condition. It has many causes, including hormones, certain medications, weight gain, alcohol or marijuana use, certain herbal products, and some medical conditions. Gynecomastia sometimes resolves on its own, but surgical intervention is often needed to remove the breast tissue and restore a flattened appearance to the chest. If you are overweight and have gynecomastia, we may recommend that you try losing weight first. This alone could resolve the situation. We will assess your case on an individualized basis during your consultation.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery… Tell Me More

Male breast reduction surgery is a highly personalized treatment. We’ll examine your chest during your consultation and offer recommendations for the best course of treatment. We often use one or more of the following options:

  • Liposuction– Excess fat in the breast area is common in gynecomastia patients. We use liposuction to remove this excess fat. For some patients, liposuction on its own is enough to resolve the problem.
  • Surgical Excision– If you have glandular tissue, we may use surgical excision to remove it. This is often combined with liposuction.
  • Skin Trim– In patients with large amounts of fat and glandular tissue, the skin may be unable to fully tighten up after surgery. We can trim and remove excess skin. Since this surgery is not commonly needed, we typically perform it as a secondary procedure when the skin doesn’t tighten up sufficiently after your initial surgery.

Will I Have Scarring?

Some scarring is possible after gynecomastia surgery but, thankfully, it isn’t noticeable in most patients. We typically place the incisions in inconspicuous locations (like under the arm), and we use advanced surgical techniques to limit scarring. We can give you a better idea of what to expect during your consultation.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Gynecomastia surgery provides long-lasting results. As long as you avoid substantial weight gain, your results are expected to be long-lasting. Take your shirt off with pride this summer, next summer, and beyond.

Don’t let excess breast tissue ruin yet another summer. As our own Dr. Bharti says of this impactful surgery, “The treatment for male breast reduction is truly life changing. It can be done with minimal downtime and can give male patients the confidence they need to be comfortable at the gym or shirtless at the beach.”

Call and schedule your male breast reduction consultation today.