Supplements + Hormone Optimization


Vitamins, minerals and supplements are the building blocks of your body. Even a healthy diet can be infiltrated by vitamin deficiencies. By providing our body with the right supplements, we begin to create a stronger foundation for all other functions, such as mental health, bone health, circulatory health, immune health, and digestive health. Our program uses the highest grade supplements to help fight symptoms of aging, and support hormone balance.

Supplement Prices:

  • 5 HTP: $45.00
  • Bergamot: $44.00
  • Candiplex: $36.00
  • Probiotic: $65.00
  • Omega Three Fish Oil: $35.00
  • Calcium: $39.00
  • Vitamin D: $15.00
  • Melatonin: $15.00
  • B12: $28.00
  • Fiber powder: $25.90
  • Beauty Blend: $32.30

Hormone Optimization

Hormones play an essential role in all body functions. As we age, our hormone levels begin to decline which can negatively impact our overall physical and emotional health. Hormone imbalances can be attenuated, even reversed, to improve decreased libido, declining muscle mass and lack of motivation. By closely monitoring hormone levels and physical symptoms, our program works to preserve your vitality.
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