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A body lift is sometimes called a circumferential abdominoplasty, but at H/K/B, we provide more than that. We offer procedures to correct skin laxity and sagging on the whole body. This includes the arms, legs, back, stomach, and buttocks. This surgery provides dramatic results and is usually performed after massive weight loss or bariatric surgery.

After massive weight loss or weight loss surgery, there is usually a considerable amount of loose skin that remains.

This skin is unsightly, can make it difficult to find properly fitting clothes, and can even lead to skin rashes.

In some cases, more than one surgery is required to complete the full treatment process. Drs. Hunstad, Kortesis and Bharti all have extensive experience with body contouring for body lift patients. The expertise of your surgeon is vital for a successful result that provides a true makeover and a new lease on life.

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What can a body lift do for me?

A body lift will provide a firmer appearance throughout the body with no more loose skin. Clothing will fit better, and most patients go down in clothing size. While there is some scarring involved, these scars are placed in inconspicuous areas whenever possible and will flatten and fade over time.

What can I expect during a body lift?

Body lifts typically require a one-night stay, in our fully-accredited overnight facility under the care of our top-notch nursing staff – all of whom are certified in advanced cardiac life support. This is not a requirement for a facility’s accreditation and certification, but it ensures the highest level of supervision, evaluation, and care should there ever be an emergency. It means you can relax knowing that you are in good hands.

We also use board-certified anesthesiologists who remain in the operating room during your procedure. This is the gold standard in the operating room, and you should accept nothing less.

A complete 3-D body lift raises the buttocks, tightens the outer and front of the thighs, and achieves a flat, tight, and contoured abdomen. Thanks to the use of tumescent infiltration and electrocautery, this procedure is completed with virtually zero bleeding, which is remarkable considering the extensive nature of the surgery.

During this procedure, the right and left abdominal muscles are brought together with strong sutures, achieving a flat and tight tummy with an “hourglass” shape. Excess skin is removed all the way around the body, which also achieves a fantastic lifting of the buttocks. A circumferential body lift, or Belt lipectomy, helps to lift the lower body and can help get rid of loose skin and laxity. The inner thighs are addressed, if needed, usually in a second setting with an inner thigh lift. This can be either in the pubic thigh crease or vertically to maximally improve circumferential thigh skin tightening.

Prior to your surgery, your surgeon will go over the incision sites with you so that you are aware of where you can expect post-operative scarring.

How long does it take to recover from a body lift?

After your overnight stay in our surgical suite, you will need two to three weeks of recovery time. After that, you can return to work and normal activities, but you should avoid any strenuous activities for about six weeks.

You can expect a significant amount of swelling, bruising, and soreness after a body lift, but we will provide pain medication for you. Ice packs may also relieve some of the discomfort, and compression garments that we provide will help to reduce swelling.

Some of the incisions may need drains for a few days after your surgery to catch excess fluids during the healing process. You will see your surgeon for post-operative appointments during which the drains and sutures will be removed.

Of course, we will monitor your progress carefully and answer any questions you have while you heal.

How long does a body lift last?

The results of a body lift are long lasting.

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