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Keeping your thighs trim and smooth is a difficult battle. For those with stubborn excess fat on the thighs, a thigh lift Charlotte NC  or thigh lift surgery in Charlotte and liposuction may be sufficient to restore a youthful contour. For others, there is skin laxity on the thighs, as well as excess fat. This is often the case after a significant loss of weight either from bariatric surgery or natural weight loss. If the skin laxity is substantial, it can be unsightly.

In a thigh lift, we remove the excess skin on the upper leg and also frequently perform liposuction at the same time to remove residual fat. The result is a trimmer, firmer thigh with a smooth, taut contour.

Drs. Hunstad, Kortesis and Bharti have extensive experience performing thigh lifts in Charlotte (also known as thighplasty), along with other procedures commonly performed on patients who have experienced massive weight loss.

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What can a thigh lift Charlotte NC do for me?

A thigh lift in Charlotte will make your thighs look tighter and firmer, giving them an overall more attractive shape and size. The surgery will remove excess skin and fat from the inner and/or outer thighs, reduce stretch marks, and smooth cellulite.

Cosmetic thighplasty or thigh lift Charlotte NC is sometimes performed in conjunction with other procedures that are common after massive weight loss, such as a tummy tuck and/or Brazilian butt lift.

What can I expect during a thigh lift in Charlotte?

Your procedure can often be performed on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia and sedation at our fully accredited surgical facility on our beautiful campus, where our highly qualified nurses will pamper you. Our nurses are certified in advanced cardiac life support, which ensures the highest level of supervision, evaluation, and care in the unlikely event of an emergency. We also work with board-certified advanced anesthesia providers. 

The incisions are placed in the groin area within the bikini line, where scars can remain hidden under clothing – even swimsuits. During a thigh lift surgery in Charlotte, the skin is pulled and tightened, and excess skin is removed. Liposuction is also performed to remove pockets of fat. The surgeon carefully reshapes the thighs in proportion to your body for an overall tighter and smoother appearance. For large volume sections, the scar is placed on the inner thigh from the groin crease to the knee to maximize the amount of skin to be removed while keeping the scar inconspicuous.

How long does it take to recover from thigh lift surgery in Charlotte?

The recovery time from a thigh lift in Charlotte or thighplasty is up to 2 weeks. The area will feel sore and will be somewhat bruised, tight, and swollen during the recovery period. We will provide you with a compression garment to keep swelling down and help you heal faster. We will also show you how to care for your incisions.

Of course, we will monitor your progress and answer any questions you have during your recovery period, removing your stitches in a post-operative examination.

How long do results from a thigh lift in Charlotte last?

While fat can still accumulate, and skin laxity can recur, thigh lift results last for years in most patients. The best way to prolong your outcome is to keep your weight steady and exercise regularly.

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