Syneron Aurora IPL:

The Syneron Aurora laser is a safe, fast, comfortable way to treat unwanted hair, unattractive lesions and brown spots on your face and body. Utilizing proven technology merging Intense Pulsed Light, RF waves, and a cooling system, the Syneron Aurora IPL laser precisely targets hair roots, blood vessels or pigmented lesions, gently and quickly removing the unwanted hair or spots without damaging surrounding tissue or skin. This treatment can be used under the eyes, it is excellent for nasio–labial lines, and is very good around the mouth and chin area for reducing and smoothing out fine lines, and firming the neck and jaw line.
Often this treatment is taken down to the chest to clear, plump and smooth the décolleté area.
Sun or age spots (on the face and body) visibly diminish during the course of treatments and red or spider veins can be closed down, leaving the skin looking clearer and brighter.
We also recommend a series of Glycolic Peels to tackle pigmentation. This lifts and exfoliates the skin and enhances the photo rejuvenation process.
A course of five Photo Rejuvenation treatments are required to rebuild facial collagen. These are taken 14 days apart. On the 14th day after treatment collagen production reaches its highest level.