Why Many (Including Dr. Hunstad) Choose NeoGraft for Their Hair Restoration

Thinking about hair restoration? Come in and ask us about NeoGraft. This revolutionary hair transplantation method is one of the most advanced options available and a favorite of many, including our own Dr. Hunstad. Why do countless men and women opt for NeoGraft when they start losing their hair? We’ll discuss some of the most… Read More »

What Are Some Non-Invasive Beauty Enhancements to Consider?

With our Best Kept Secrets event just around the corner, we’ve got non-invasive treatments on the brain. Call today to book your treatments, or come to our first ever event for live demonstrations, raffle prizes, and much more. Mark your calendars, as our Best Kept Secrets event on February 4th from 4-7 pm is a… Read More »

Is NeoGraft the Best Option for Hair Restoration?

Is NeoGraft the best hair restoration treatment available? Our own Dr. Hunstad certainly thinks so. He’s had NeoGraft hair transplantation himself and loves the results. Why is NeoGraft the procedure we choose to recommend? Find out about the many benefits of this revolutionary hair transplantation procedure below. What Is NeoGraft Hair Transplantation? NeoGraft is a… Read More »

Beauty Bash 2015- A Look Back at the Party

Did we see you at our 5th Annual Beauty Bash Event? Held Friday, October 9th (Southpark) and Saturday, October 10th (Huntersville), our annual Beauty Bash was once again a success. Didn’t make it? Keep reading to learn about the fun and make sure to join the party next year. Yay for Beauty Bash! This Year’s… Read More »