Prosper in 2019 with Our Wellness and Age Management Program

Will 2019 be the year you survive or the year you thrive? We see great things for you in this coming year, and our wellness and age management program will ensure that you feel your best so you can do your best. Join us on a journey toward optimal health by calling H/K/B and learning more about our wellness program offerings.

Discovering Health and Vitality as You Age

Aches, and pains, and discomfort are common age-related complaints. What if they didn’t have to be? What if you could age gracefully and feel great? Maybe even better than you did years before? We created the H/K/B Wellness and Age Management Program to help our patients maintain quality of life as they get older. We want you to achieve optimal health and avoid many of the pitfalls of the aging process.

Modern medicine focuses on prolonging life but accomplishes this through reactionary measures. When disease arises, medicine treats it. However, these diseases affect quality of life, often greatly. Our program seeks to be more preventative. We aim to help our patients make positive health changes, cultivating wellness and vitality. We give your body the tools it needs to thrive throughout changing life stages.

We know that the body is complex and there is no one quick fix to all health problems. This is why our wellness programs offer comprehensive treatment options. We focus on health and nutrition, fitness and exercise, supplementation and hormones to create balance. Each treatment is customized because each patient is unique and different.

Getting Started with H/K/B’s Wellness and Age Management Program

Dr. Edwards personally meets with each patient during an in-depth consultation at the beginning of their wellness journey. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your personal and medical history, your health goals, and any symptoms you may be experiencing. Dr. Edwards will outline our program options and help you select the best fit for your lifestyle, health concerns, and goals.

After your consultation, we’ll schedule a physical exam and fitness evaluation. We’ll perform comprehensive bloodwork, metabolic evaluations, strength tests, etc. We’ll also perform a DEXA scan, a non-invasive test that measures bone density and body fat composition. This testing appointment requires fasting to obtain accurate results.

After the testing is complete, we’ll create your customized plan that includes fitness and exercise recommendations, nutrition counseling, supplement optimization, and hormone replacement, if needed.

Get started on your journey to better health, balance, and wellness by calling our office and scheduling your consultation with Dr. Edwards. Our office phone number is 704-659-9000.

Meet Dr. Sarah Edwards

Our wellness program is run by Dr. Sarah Edwards and her staff. Dr. Edwards is board-certified in Emergency Medicine and has a passion for health, wellness, and physical fitness. She has completed age management and wellness training by Cenegics. She is a valuable addition to our team, and her leadership has helped our wellness program to become one of the best available in the Charlotte area. We’re certain that you’ll love working with Dr. Edwards as much as we do.

Your health is priceless. Invest in yourself this year and cultivate optimal health with the wellness and aging programs at H/K/B.