Wellness & Age Management at H/K/B

We are honored that you have chosen H/K/B Wellness and Age Management as your preventive medicine and anti-aging providers. At H/K/B Wellness and Age Management, we have developed a program to help cultivate a lifestyle of health and vitality as you age. Employing a combination of custom exercise programs, dietary modifications, hormone and sleep optimization, health supplements, and stress management, Dr. Sarah Edwards and her staff will help you jumpstart your journey to optimal health.

Aging is a natural process often accompanied by reduced flexibility, decreased bone density, increased body fat and decreased lean muscle mass. Often, the workouts that once produced results are no longer effective. As we age we have less energy and lose the sense of wellbeing that is personified in youth.

Our medical community is more reactionary than preventive. We currently treat the disease once it has affected our bodies, which leads to a poor quality of life. The goal of modern medicine has been to prolong life as long as possible.

 Today longevity is attainable, but chronic illness and ailments dilute the quality of life.

Your program begins with the initial consultation with Dr. Edwards to discuss your personal history, symptoms and your health goals. Together you will review our program options and determine which is most appropriate for your goals.

Following the consultation you will have a physical exam and fitness assessment. This appointment includes comprehensive bloodwork, resting metabolic evaluation, push up/sit up/grip strength tests, VO2 Max testing and a DEXA scan. This scan is considered to be the gold standard in analysis of body fat composition and measurement of bone health.  Please note you will need to fast for this appointment.

Dr. Edwards will then customize a dietary and exercise program based on your results. Recommendations and education regarding supplements and hormones replacement will be provided if indicated.

H/K/B Wellness & Age Management is excited to partner with YOU in taking control of your fitness and well-being.

Wellness Program Fees

  • Wellness Initial Evaluation: $1,095.00
  • Wellness Initial Evaluation + Labs: $1,735.00
  • H/K/B Society Membership Special: $1,195.00
  • Monthly Membership with fitness, nutrition, supplement + hormones: $100.00
  • Monthly Membership with fitness, nutrition + supplement optimization: $50.00

*Health Analysis appointments are 3 hours. A 24 hour cancellation policy is required for this appointment. Failure to cancel within 24 hours will result in a $250 charge.

Meet your Surgeons

H/K/B represents surgeons who are counted among the most respected physicians in the country. They have created a practice that is sought after by patients across the globe, with specialties in many areas and contributing to over 1,000 surgeries and 3,000 procedures every year. Between them, they have more than 50 years of combined experience and remain up to date on the latest clinical advances in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Our surgeons have also won a variety of awards, have conducted research, and are extensively published in the field. Drs. Hunstad, Kortesis and Bharti are all board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.