What’s the Deal with Board Certification?

When you need a plastic surgeon many experts recommend selecting a board certified plastic surgeon. These surgeons have the best training and skills available when it comes to bodily enhancement, reconstruction, and rejuvenation. When you actually start looking for a surgeon however, you may find that things get a bit confusing. What does board certified mean? What’s the difference between a board certified plastic surgeon and a general surgeon? When you understand what board certification is (and is not), it is easier to select a qualified doctor for your breast augmentation, liposuction or any other cosmetic procedure. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a board certified plastic surgeon near Charlotte, NC we are located just 15 minutes North in Huntersville, NC. Come check us out!

What Does Board Certified Mean?

Not all doctors are board certified. In order to practice medicine a doctor must meet minimum standards for licensure, but these standards are not part of the board certification process. Board certification relates to the specific specialty a doctor has selected (dermatology, plastic surgery, obstetrics, etc.). When a doctor receives this certification it indicates that they have met additional requirements within this specialty including testing and peer review. Since board certification is optional and requires additional work, it is a sign of excellence within that particular specialty.

Board certification is specialty specific. This means that a board certified dermatologist will obtain specialized training relating to skin problems and diseases while a board certified neurologist will receive training relating to the brain. Board certification simply means that a doctor has meet additional requirements within their specialty. To become a board certified plastic surgeon five years of surgical residency is required with two years specifically focused on plastic surgery. Other surgeons might be board certified in their specialty, but they do not possess the same training as a plastic surgeon, although they may be more qualified in other areas of medicine. Plastic surgeons are experts in plastic surgery while other board certified doctors are specialists in their own fields.

What is the Difference between a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a General Surgeon?

Board certified plastic surgeons have received specific training relating to reconstruction, cosmetic enhancement, etc. General surgeons don’t have this same training. They are licensed and trained to perform surgery, but their skills are more general, not focused on cosmetic enhancement or reconstruction like a plastic surgeon. General surgeons can still offer cosmetic surgery procedures to patients (as can a variety of other doctors), but as their training isn’t specifically tailored to this type of surgery, it is simply something they can do, not something they specialize in.

At Hunstand Kortesis we believe that board certification is an important way for doctors to demonstrate their expertise. All of our surgeons are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Similarly the anesthesiologists that we use in our surgical center are also board certified.

You only get one body; make sure that you entrust it to the best each time you go under the knife. Just like you wouldn’t go to a plastic surgeon for heart surgery, you shouldn’t choose anyone but a board certified plastic surgeon for plastic surgery. Schedule your consultation with us at Hunstand Kortesis today and discover what makes us special.