Your Consultation

During your consultation, we will take plenty of time to answer all of your questions and give you a full understanding of what you can expect before, during, and after the procedure you have chosen. For face, breast, and chest surgeries, we can provide Vectra 3D Imaging to show you exactly how you will look after your procedure.

There will be no surprises about your surgical plan! We will patiently provide you with everything you need to know about your surgery. We want you to leave your consultation feeling excited that you will look more attractive very soon.

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Wait Times

We’re in the business of turning back the hands of time – and with that sometimes you may experience a longer than usual wait to see the physician.

We place a high priority on ensuring you have the undivided attention and care from our board-certified surgeons during your consultation, but sometimes that means a little wait. We apologize if you have to wait, but want to guarantee that every patient gets the focused attention they need to ensure transformative results.

After Your Surgery

As you recover, we will be with you every step of the way. Follow-up appointments will be made so that we can monitor your progress after your surgery or non-surgical treatment. We want to make sure you are healing properly and that you are happy with the results.

Most of our patients are able to return to normal activities within 7-14 days. Our goal is to use advanced techniques that shorten your recovery period as much as possible and also minimize scars.

If you experience pain after your surgery, we are happy to provide you with a pain medication prescription if over-the-counter medications are insufficient. In some cases, we will provide you with products to reduce scarring and inflammation.

You will be given full after-care instructions after your procedure so that you never have to guess if what you are experiencing is normal. We are always here to answer any questions you have. Remember that you are part of our family, so never hesitate to call on us.